Malaysian Breakfast Choices – Served all Day!  It’s filling, delicious, quick and a perfect energy boost for shopping or work. In Malaysia and some other South East Asian countries, the same food is served at noon or evening. In our café, your breakfast dish is treated as a delicacy.


Malaysian cuisine is known worldwide for the unique balance of salt, sweet, sour and spice. It is a blend of cultures and ingredients borrowed from the native Malay, Chinese and Indian. Using the wealth of indigenous herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients, Malaysian cuisine is as colourful as it is flavourful and spicy. Celebrity […]


Now you can take some of Malaysia home from our pantry filled with all of the same products used in homes and restaurants throughout Malaysia. Whether you are homesick for hawker food or cooking Malaysian at home for the first time, we will have all of the sauces, noodles, spices and condiments you need. Our […]